A ticketing system is the most widespread medium of correspondence that hosting companies offer to their clients. It’s typically part of the billing account and is the most efficient way to handle a problem that takes a certain amount of time to examine or that has to be forwarded to a server administrator. In this way, all comments supplied by either side will be kept in one and the same place in case somebody else needs to work on the problem at hand and the information already exchanged in the ticket will be available to all parties. The disadvantage of using a ticketing system with most hosting platforms is that it’s not included in the web hosting Control Panel, which implies that you’ll need to log in and out of no less than 2 accounts in order to carry out a certain task or to touch base with the company’s customer service team. In case you’d like to manage several domain names and each one is hosted in a different account, you will need to use even more accounts simultaneously. Also, it can take a considerable span of time for the provider to process your ticket request.

Integrated Ticketing System in Web Hosting

Our web hosting packages come with an integrated ticketing system, which is part of our in-house developed Hepsia hosting Control Panel. As opposed to other analogous tools, Hepsia enables you to manage everything associated with the hosting service itself in one place – invoices, web files, e-mails, trouble tickets, etc., avoiding the need to go through different admin consoles. In the event that you have any pre-sales or technical questions or any difficulties, you can post a ticket with just several clicks of the mouse without having to log out of your Control Panel. In the meantime, you can choose a category and our system will present you with a number of educational articles, which will supply you with additional info and which may help you resolve any particular issue even before you actually send a ticket. We guarantee a trouble ticket response time of no more than sixty minutes, even if it’s a weekend or a legal holiday.

Integrated Ticketing System in Semi-dedicated Hosting

The ticketing system that we use is integrated into the Hepsia hosting Control Panel, which we have developed for our Linux semi-dedicated hosting, which goes to say that you won’t require one more support platform to get in touch with our client support staff – you can do this on the spot in the event that you stumble upon a problem. Sending a new ticket requires a few mouse clicks and finding an older one is equally simple. Using our intelligent search functionality, you can quickly find any ticket that you have opened in the past. You can open a ticket at any moment in time since our help desk staff members are at your disposal night and day and answer in no more than one hour, although it rarely takes that much to obtain support. With the Hepsia Control Panel, you will have everything in one place and you can just forget about needing to go through 2 or more platforms to solve a simple problem.